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2008 Shelby GT500 - Compound Interest - 1,200HP Shelby GT500 4.6 Ford Modular Short Blocks ¡§C A Guide to a Bottom End for Boost

Which is better, supercharging or turbocharging? Sitting squarely on the fence, our answer to that question might come in the form of another question: If the opportunity presents itself, why not piggyback the two?

Of course, that idea is hardly original. The combined whammy of compound turbocharging and supercharging is nothing new. It trickles down from the world of aviation, where a number of WWII-vintage fighter and bomber aircraft engines were so equipped, to great effect. Case in point-the 28-cylinder Pratt & Whitney Wasp Major R-4360 radial engine produced as much as 4,300 hp from harnessing a pair of turbos and a gear-driven supercharger. Mind you, that sucker displaced 71.5 liters and handily outweighed a modern F-350 dually. By comparison, Tony Alm's innocent-looking '08 GT500 produces nearly 1,200 hp at the rear wheels from a mere 5.4 liters.

Way back in 1996, Ford introduced their all new ¡¡ăModular¡¡À engine in the Mustang GT and Cobra. All around the country, die-hard five liter fans hung their heads and sighed. You could take everything you knew about how to make your 5.0 Mustang faster and just throw it out the window. It was very different. It had two or four cams instead of one and no pushrods. The teeny, tiny 3.552¡¡À bore was wimpy compared to the large 4.000¡¡À bore of Windsors, 289¡äs, and 302¡äs. It had powdered metal rods, a long stroke of 3.543¡¡À, and lots of chains and tensioners under the massive timing cover. Plus, it was a measly 281 cubic inches.

Boss 330 Racing Interview - Overhead-Cam Conundrum - Tech The Six Million Dollar Mustang – Built Better, Stronger, Faster.

Nestled in a nondescript blue building about 10 minutes from the Atlantic Ocean, Boss 330 Racing is home to a master of modular-engine building, Al Papitto, who has built a reputation in the overhead-cam community for assembling some of the most potent modular powerplants in the nation. Papitto's powerplants have propelled people such as Bob Cosby to drag-racing championships, and have set modular horsepower precedents, such as with Joe Cermin's 1,400-plus rear-wheel-horsepower Ford GT.

This month’s feature Mustang, unlike most, began as a brand new car right off the dealership lot five years ago in February of 2005. The proud owner, Kris Horton, grabbed his 2005 Mustang GT with the intent of using it as the ticket for his company, Cars By Kris, into the November 2005 SEMA show in Las Vegas, Nevada. Originally purchased with a Mineral Gray paint job and tan interior, Horton had quite a bit of work set up for the next nine months. Although he kept the paint job, he chose to add some flame graphics to give it a unique edge. The interior was completely customized, and he topped off the build with a set of Forgeline[1] wheels and a Procharger[2] supercharger. Over the next four years, the car underwent small improvements including an engine upgrade and a new paint scheme until tragedy struck during a 2009 car show burnout competition.

Tim Matherly's Uncle Got Him Into Mustangs, But He Makes Them Work 1998 Ford Mustang Cobra - Mr. October - Real Street SN-95

When someone asks me what I do for a living, I simplify my response by saying, "I write about cars." However, the longer I do this job, the more I realize I don't write about cars-I write about people.

At least, that's how I look at it. Cars come and go. It's the people behind the cars that are more important, and a story should be about the person, not the car. The car is just part of the bigger story, the story of how the owner got to this point in life. That's what makes the car special.

We've heard the term "sports widow," meaning the husband dedicates so much time to a certain sport throughout the season that the wife feels abandoned. Though NMRA racer Dave Ginter would count himself a big sports fan, his wife, Kristy, would be considered a drag racing widow. The joke between Dave and Kristy is once the NMRA racing season starts in March, she jokingly says, "Ok, see ya in October." Luckily for Dave, their anniversary is in late October so it's the perfect to unwind and enjoy quality time with Kristy. Dave says October is "when my friends and family get to see me."

'96 Cobra - Backdraft Reality Racing - Inside Robert Yates Racing Engine Shop
Backdraft: A situation that can occur when a fire is starved of oxygen. Consequently combustion ceases, but the fuel, gasses, and smoke remain at high temperature. If oxygen is reintroduced to the fire, combustion can restart, often resulting in an explosive effect as the gasses and heat expand.
Source: Wikipedia

In this world of ever-accelerating change, it's strange but true that in many respects the giant automanufacturers are not trailblazing the technical path in motorsports development. You are. It was more than 10 years ago when dedicated enthu-siasts pioneered hooking laptops to Mustangs, while Ford, NASCAR, and other performance giants have stuck to changing the jets in their Holleys every time the weather changes.

A Challenging World 1995 Mustang GT - Frenetic Engineering - New-Edge SN-95
Spanning the globe to bring you a constant variety of sports." These were the words of Jim McKay and they were heard at the beginning of every Wide World of Sports broadcast. Here at MM&FF, we are always looking to bring you exciting stories other than drag racing, and we think we've found one with Carol Hollfelder and her Tiger Racing Speed World Challenge GT Mustang
Most of the time, we hear about potential feature cars before we see them. That scenario is sometimes like a box of chocolates-we're never sure what we're going to get when we see the car in person. Although we never guarantee a feature to anyone, when we heard of a '95 GT with an '03 Cobra front end, we definitely wanted a closer look. As is the case with most cars we hear about, Jason Carnes' '95 GT exceeded our expectations, and here it is for your viewing pleasure.
1997 Cobra Al Papitto: Sleeper Spell 2000 Ford Mustang GT Convertable - Power Dividends
If you've followed the Pro Stock bike ranks in the last couple years, then you know the big names-Dave Schultz, Steve Johnson, John Myers, Angelle Savoie, Matt Hines, and Antron Brown, to list just a few. One racer you may not have heard of-but not for his lack of trying-is Al Papitto of Vero Beach, Florida. Al raced side by side with the top names in Pro Stock bike, but without the financial backing enjoyed by those listed above, he wasn't able to regain the success that rewarded him with back-to-back International Drag Bike Association championships in 1996 and 1997
Remember when you learned to diversify your investment portfolio in economics class (at least on the day you didn't skip)? It meant spreading your investments around dif-ferent money-making avenues to keep from losing it all on just one stock, mutual fund, or certificate of deposit. Invest in a variety of stocks or mutual funds and you have a better chance at making money, instead of watching it tank. There are quick money-making ventures, such as a pharmaceutical company about to make the latest and greatest cure-all drug, and there are slow money-making avenues, such as a mutual fund or a 401K. Either way, having your hand in a variety of financial pots provides more opportunities to earn big returns.
2002 Ford Mustang GT - Hot Rods On Hiatus 2002 Ford Mustang GT - The Posenau Adventure

For some of us, driving and modifying cars is threaded into the very fabric of our lives. It's always there, whether blatantly present or in the back of our minds as a passing thought. For others, though, that kind of frivolity comes and goes like the tide, sometimes disappearing altogether. Once you've sampled the exhilaration you get behind the wheel of a hot car, however, it's just a question of when those feelings will resurface.

Stephen Posenau was one year old when the original version of the Poseidon Adventure made its way to the big screen. The classic '72 flick told the tale of a state-of-the-art ocean liner that was capsized by a rogue tidal wave. A master of its time, the film was remade in 2006 with better special effects. While the S.S. Poseidon may have capsized, Stephen's Mustang does the sinking-of the competition, that is.
2004 Ford Mustang Cobra - Next Day Air 2004 Ford Mustang GT - Quality Time
Jim Breese can't remember the exact scenario in which he drove his first Mustang. But while the details are a little fuzzy, he does know it was an '82 GT. And the Transfer, Penn-sylvania, resident can't recall if he raced against the GT and obviously lost, or if it was his brother's car in which he raced. Whatever the story, Jim quickly purchased an '83 GT for himself. "Of course, I went out and raced it," he says. The '83 may have started it for Jim, but it surely didn't stop there.
In Florida, we have several entertainment venues competing for our time and, more importantly, our money. No matter what part of Florida one resides, the beach is no more than two hours away. In Orlando, there's Disney World, Wet n' Wild, Sea World, and so on. In Tampa, there's Busch Gardens, Adventure Island, Channelside, Ybor City, and more. South Florida has Miami, South Beach, and a completely different cultural blend. We have championship-winning college and professional teams from Tallahassee to Miami. As Floridians, we have so much entertainment at our disposal, going to the dragstrip doesn't usually rank at the top of many people's destinations-especially in the summer.
2005 Ford GT - Light-Speed Supercar 2005 Ford Mustang - Test-Bred Bullet - Low 11s Silver Bullet
It pins you to the seat with increasing pressure, and while your body is busy becoming one with the black leather upholstery, the scenery outside begins to blur. The front end rises ever so slightly, and shortly thereafter you expect the wheels to come off of the ground for liftoff. This is not the Air Force's latest fighter jet, but if the military needed a lightning-quick supercar, this would be it.
Chris Johnson, now of Superchips Custom Tuning, may be the busiest man in the automotive industry. Chris and his team at SCT spent the last 18 months trying to decipher the challenging and convoluted Spanish Oak programming that controls the new '05 Mustang. So, that instantly makes SCT one of the most wanted tuners on the planet as it seems every speed house in the world wants in on the sudden push to market that everything Mustang-specific now has. Interestingly, Chris' knowledge of these cars comes from several different sources.
4.6 Fix: Rebuilding Your Trashed Mod Motor Aaron Archer Eight Second Cobra - Maximum Modular

Major engine failure happens to the best of us--usually when we leastexpect it. Recently, as we began a technical feature on a supercharged'00 GT, the worst happened: major bottom-end failure in our stock 4.6short-block. We could have called one of our friends, popped in a crateengine (or a replacement short-block), and been on our way. But instead,we decided to let our readers learn from our mistake. Knowing that manya supercharged stock modular Ford has tossed its cookies duringbig-boost applications, we started hunting for an affordable repair thatwould allow us to get back in the game as quickly as possible.

What do you do with a class racer who proves too quick for the intended class? In the case of Locust Grove, Georgia's Aaron Archer, you keep the hammer down and start looking for alternatives. You see, Aaron isn't about to dial down the tune on his newly constructed mod-motored beauty. In fact, he's adamant about running the car to its full potential--an 8.63 at 145 mph as of early spring 2003.
Jay Mingolelli's 2000 GT Convertible Real Street Paul's High Performance 302ci Ignitor Mustang
It's no secret the 5.0 Mustang has revived grassroots drag racing. Along the way, a few ingenious people decided to devote themselves to racing in sanctioning bodies to see who had the baddest Mustang in the land. From those beginnings we have arrived to where we are in 2003--12 racing classes within the NMRA, with no slowing down in sight. It's almost unbelievable to think Mustang racers have that many classes from which to choose. But that's
Mention the name Paul Svinicki and regular readers will form an immediate mental picture of the genial owner of Paul's High Performance flying headlong down the quarter-mile, wringing every last possible iota of performance out of one of his various Cammer-powered drag Mustangs. We, too, tend to think of Paul as a straight-line guru, and we've put his
Wham, Bam From Just 2 Cams
Since 1996, Fordhas been equipping new Mustang GT models with its 4.6-liter, SOHC engine, known inside and outside the Blue Oval as the Modular V-8. The company made a radical departure from the traditional pushrod power to the high-tech engine.

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